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My Background and History:

My name is Chance Burleson and I have been training in martial arts since the age of 5. I've trained extensively in taekwondo, aikido, kali, muay thai, and brazilian jiu jitsu, I am also a 7th degree black belt under Grandmaster j pat burleson.

For several years i ran once a week satellite schools and focused on one-on-one, private in-home instruction. these students included doctors, professional executives, or families that had the resources to procure a master instructor for an intense apprenticeship relationship. several of these students trained through the rank of black belt.

Areas i can be of help through martial arts: self defense, fitness, diet and nutrition, meditation, interpersonal relationships, stress, overall confidence and self esteem. private lessons are 1-1.5 hrs long, either once or twice a week. they can be held in your home, or my 4000 sqft dojo located in Hurst Texas. I will only accept 4-5 apprentice students at one time, as i will be putting a great deal of time and energy into the training. for this reason, there is a possibility that a student may have to wait for an opening among my clientele to start training.


Phone: (817) 285 - 8484
Mobile: (817) 909 - 3230



453 W. Bedford Euless Rd, Hurst, TX 76053